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About Us - Connect-Local

About Us

Hello, I am Jeff Crawford, the founder of Connect-Local.

While at my previous employer, I was completely amazed with the advances in Digital Marketing and Advertising technology. These days, technically savvy companies can launch large digital campaigns across the world, targeting exact people who crave their products, and build a huge audience of happy customers, and keep them engaged.

But while being amazed, I was also dissapointed. These advanced tools are extremely complex, and difficult to deploy. Such deployments require teams of highly paid solutions consultants just to reap the benefits. So it's no surprize that the big beneficieares of these new advances in Ad Technology are the the big multinational companies.

So here is the big question. Why can't we bring the power of Digital Marketing to the small guy? Or gal? Why can't the individual, or small business owner in your local area benefit from the same technologies that the big companies use?

We founded Connect-Local with a mission to bring this advanced Digital Marketing & Ad technology to the people who need it most. We aim to create the easiest, most simple way for people to advertise their services in their local community, and connect to the right people.

In 2015, we'll be launching some new services that empower individuals and small business in their local community. We hope you will join us in this quest.

Jeff Crawford

Connect-Local is a Digital Marketing technology company and agency founded by former employees of Apple, Microsoft and Adobe. Our goal is to enable individual and small business owners to use advanced Digital Marketing technologies to advertise their services and find the right people in their local community.

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