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FAQ - Connect-Local


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we have received about our service.​

How do prospective students (leads) contact me?

Most leads will contact you via email, or by phone directly. In some cases, a lead will fill out a form online, in which case you will be notified via email.

Does my studio need a website to use Connect-Local?

No. Connect-Local runs independently, and does not depend on your website. 

Can Connect-Local use images of my own studio in my ads?

Yes, If you provide images, we’ll gladly use them in your ads. In fact, we will "A/B Test" your images against our own high performing images to see what does better. 

Does it matter what classes are taught at my studio?

We have designed ads and landing pages for all types of dance lessons. Whether it’s Salsa, or ballet for children, our professionals have written compelling copy to drive students to your lessons.

I just launched my new studio, can Connect-Local help me?

Absolutely. In fact Connect-Local might be the ideal solution for you to establish an online presence and recruit new students quickly.

Can I just advertise on Google and Facebook myself?

Sure you can, and many try. But you need to carefully monitor your campaigns. And be advised it’s easy to make a costly error, and throw away a lot of money on a poorly devised campaign. With Connect-Local, we have the knowhow and experience of running local campaigns across the country. Since we run campaigns for local businesses across the country, we know what works and what does not work. 

Could I hire an Ad Agency to advertise for me?

Yes, you could hire and online PPC (Pay-per-click) type agency to advertise for you. But there are 2 drawbacks. (1.) PPC Agencies are very expensive.  Most PPC Agencies wont want to deal with local businesses unless you spend $1000/month or more. (2.) At Connect-Local we specialize in local advertising on behalf of Dance Studios. We take our knowhow from dance studios across the country and apply it to your campaigns.

How much does this service cost? How am I billed?

Connect-Local for Dance Studios is a monthly service billed via credit card. You can cancel at anytime. For more info about prices, visit connect-local.com/for-dance-studios.

Have more questions? Head to our Contact-Us page and let us know.