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Advertising for Dance Studios

Dance Studios: Need More Students?

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Dance Studios and Schools: Connect-Local is the simplest and fastest way to advertise your dance lessons online, and get more students. It works by aggressively advertising your studio across online Search, Display, and Social networks.

We connect you to the right people in your local community.

Dance Studio Owners

Need more students for your classes? Not getting the signups you expect?

In the old days, life was simple. You could post some signs in your local area, advertise in the local phone book or paper, and expect to find good quality students. Now times have changed. These days your students & their parents spend their time online at sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or some other social networking site. They are unlikely to notice your studio the old way.

So in these modern times, how do you reach the right type of students for your classes?

You need to advertise your studio online, and get your name in front of young students and their parents. But it's not so easy. Advertising on advanced ad platforms like Google and Facebook can be daunting. You need to know concepts like keywords, CTR, CPC, A/B testing, analytics, Display versus Search, and much much more. And it's easy to make a costly mistake.

There has to be better way. And there is.​

Introducing Connect-Local, the simplest and fastest way to advertise your Dance Studio online. Just sign up, enter your studio address and website, and we'll take care of the rest. We’ll proactively advertise your studio online, and get you more students.

Connect-Local will advertise your studio across advertising networks such as Google Search & Display, Facebook, mobile, and more. Your dance studio ads will be highly targeted, and be seen only by the right people in your local area. When a lead is interested in your studio, they will contact you via phone or email. You can then sign them up as a new student.

With Connect-Local for Dance Studios, you can be awesome at marketing your studio online, even if you have no internet experience. Relax, let us handle the techie stuff, and you can go back to doing what you love.​

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Easy to Use

"Set if and forget it". It only takes a few minutes to get started.  We handle all the complexity of running an online ad campaign for you. 


Once a campaign is launched, ads can appear in your local area within a few hours. You may receive emails or phone calls in as early as a day.


We are continually searching on various ad networks to give you the best deal for your money. We will skip an ad channel if it's too expensive.


Relax, we'll take care of all your online advertising. If we don't find any candidates within the first month, we will refund your money.


We utilize the latest Digital Marketing technologies. We optimize ads based on our experience with hundreds of others.


You pay for what you get. We don't ask you to pay for cumbersome "credits". And we don't "take" a cut of your future lessons.


“I am an independent inventor who invented the world's lightest air pump. Using this service, I was able to reach more customers online, and sell more iPumps”.

Morris Ostrow

Morris International, iPump.jp​

“I'm a recruiter in the ad tech space. By using these simple ad services, I was able to easily run ads on Ad Words and LinkedIn, without having to deal with their complexity. ”

Ralph Saunders

Rapport Recruitment

“Jeff and team were really helpful for us to improve the SEO of our website. We are now getting many more leads to our building consulting company.”

Tracy Colley

Lakefield Ontario

Ready to transform your online experience? Click now to see pricing plans, and start your campaign.

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